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ODISC4 Web Site Is Accessible For Disabled Users

Omega meets the "Section 508" requirements ahead of the June 21 deadline.

Alexandria, VA (June 21, 2001)-Omega Security International, LLC., a full service information technology, telecommunications and broadband Internet connectivity provider, announced today that the web site it manages for the Office of the Director of Information Systems for Command, Control, Communications and Computers (ODISC4) is "Section 508" compliant. "Section 508" of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998 requires federal agencies to make federal government systems and web sites more accessible for disabled users. The guidelines cover everything from computers, operating systems, software applications, printers and keyboards to video, multimedia and web sites. The rules also apply to commercial vendors that supply IT products and services to the federal government. Among the changes, federal agencies and their commercial suppliers must modify their web sites and offer text in audio form or in other ways that can be viewed with special assistive equipment.

Omega's web developers made the web site of DISC4 containing over 300 separate page files and 6 subdirectories easily accessible for disabled users by the federally mandated suspense date of June 21. They successfully completed this important task three weeks ahead of schedule, with minimal guidance and no overtime work.

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