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USPTO selected Omega Security International, LLC for tele-worker program

USPTO selected Omega Security International, LLC to implement their Home to Office DSL lines for a Virtual Private Network

Alexandria, VA (9/26/2001)-Omega Security International, LLC, a leader in information technology, telecommunications and Internet solutions, announced today that they have just won a contract to provide high-speed DSL to the United States Patton and Trade Office. "

"Omega is proud to be selected for this contract," said Harry Staley, Chairman of Omega Security International, LLC "Our goal is to assist our customers in the achievement of their business objectives. In addition to the high-quality, reliable and secure Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections, Omega Consulting offers complete end-to-end business solutions to government agencies and commercial customers across the United States. We help our customers to maximize DSL connectivity to increase productivity and efficiency in core and non-core business practices."

To assist federal workers to more quickly enjoy the benefits of high-speed services, Omega Consulting is developing a secure web-based system designed to simplify and expedite placement and processing of the DSL service orders. Details can be found on Omega's web site at http://www.osi-sec.com

About Omega Security International, LLC
Omega Security International, LLC (Omega) is a full service information technology, telecommunications and broadband Internet connectivity provider. Omega develops superior quality and cost effective customized integrated solutions, and offers project management support services to government and commercial customers, nationally and internationally. Omega Security International, LLC Training and Testing Institute (OTTTI) is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider, member of CompTIA and a VUE Testing Center. Omega offers extensive industry experience, proven methodologies and flexible delivery methods. For more information about Omega, please visit our website at http://www.osi-sec.comback