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Omega Intelligence Center
Omega Intelligence Center (OIC) is a secure web-based solution for the following purposes:

Project Management
Project Management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the production of a system.

Project Management Organizational Chart

Following is a typical organizational chart for any project (small or complex).
As shown on the chart above, the impact of any one project can affect the bottom line of the whole organization. Thus all the members in the project have a vested interest in the success of the tasks they have been assigned. Most of the time tracking these tasks can prove to be a complex task in itself. This is where the utilization of the Omega Intelligence Center (OIC) comes into play. OIC helps any individual in any level of a project to accomplish tasks, report progress, provide feedback and assist in time management all in real-time. The Workareas in OIC serve as virtual spaces in the web portal where users can save and view various file formats, maintain calendars, setup contact list and perform resource allocation and communications.
Seamless import and export of files
All users have option to either work with the files and then save them on the portal or work directly in the portal to view and upload files to the workareas.
Integrations with MS Outlook and MS Office suite
All users have the capability to synchronize and update their contact list in the portal. Users also have the capability to work on any office suite files in the portal.
Intelligent project scheduling, based on task information
Management users can look at the overall view of the progress of projects and then make decisions on the further tasks to be performed in order to reach deadlines, stay within budget and perform remediation.
Executive roll ups in the Project Dashboard Report
Executive management can have summarized reports generated for them to view the reports of all the projects running under their domain and can then make decisions based on the hard facts.
Customized permission access for different projects
All users have a customized permission area depending upon the project they are working on. The initial page gives them information about the project information, any relevant news or update and presents the mission of the project. OIC is a project manager’s dashboard to assess the milestones of a project.
Documentation Management
Document management is the process of retrieving, sharing, tracking, revising, and distributing documents and the information they contain. OIC brings the following Document Management Capabilities to the table:
Storage of files online for easy access
OIC provides the ability to store your files online so that users can have access to their files 24/7 anywhere around the globe. This feature can help improve overall efficiency of team members.
Tracking of Document Versioning
Any file that is saved on the portal is given a version number and the user who is editing it. This is done for auditing purposes and also to keep track of the latest document uploaded into the portal.
Automated Document update notifications
A user can opt to have change notification about any files that they are trying to track. This helps the users updated with latest development thus helping in overall team collaboration.
Serves as an online data repository
The workareas serve as online space for all users further divided into a collaborative and individual space. This space can be used to store, archive and retrieve files at any time.
Stakeholder feedback capabilities
The feature of OIC helps to the stakeholder to post feedbacks of the deliverables or any other concern to the management team in real-time through the portal system. The feedback sessions can also be used for project historical purposes.
Team Collaboration
Team collaboration is the process of a mutually beneficial well-defined relationship entered into by two or more organizations to achieve common goals typically involving joint planning, shared resources, and joint resource management. OIC Team Collaboration tools assist in delivering deliverables and reaching deadlines.
Team member emailing feature
OIC provides all levels of users to send out email with the portal to any levels of the team members. This feature can be used to inform team members about meetings, news about the project and any other purposes.
Used as a collaborative tool to exchange files
The OIC members area is used by team members to deliver tasks to the project manager while the project manager can upgrade the information and send it to the stakeholders all in real time this saving time and increasing efficiency.
Newsletter capabilities to inform project information
All users have the ability to view relevant information about the projects they are currently working on.
Easy to archive, retrieve and cross-reference data
All users can easily view the files in the collaborative Workarea which have been provided to stakeholder and can be cross-referenced with all the available documentation of the project.

Other Benefits
Some of the other benefits that OIC brings to the table are as follows:

  • Enterprise-level impacts of multiple projects
  • Online Data Repository
  • Communications tool
  • Knowledge Management
  • Multi-level security
  • Synchronization with MS Office
  • Performance Matrix
  • Organizational Tool
  • Newsletter capabilities
  • Easy to learn (point, click and drag)
  • Fully customizable to customer requirements
  • User friendly Interface
  • Easy to use due to its simplistic yet powerful design
  • Private storage area for members
  • Archiving Capabilities to store files and access them from anywhere

Technical Requirement

  • Web Browser
  • Internet Access