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Project Based Expertise . . .

System/Network Engineering
The best of the best are employed by Omega Security International, LLC, because we know you can’t afford not to have things completed in the proper ways the first time around. Our partners are first class and dependable – they will be around long after the System or Network design is in place for you.

Project Management
Keeping your project within scope, schedule and budget are key reasons why you must manage your project resources – Omega Security International, LLC, saves you time and money by using competent Project Management personnel who have proven past performance and share those personal growth achievements while working on new and more challenging assignments.

Outsourcing of selected functional IT Areas
Knowing when to outsource and what to outsource are key to your saving time and effort. Omega has the know how to determine when and where to outsource selected functional IT task assignments for the benefit of our clients. We will do this and enjoy the professional benefits with you.

Systems Transformation – modernization of legacy systems, people and processes
Our Systems Transformation practice focuses on transforming information systems from business "limiters" to business "enablers". The primary focus is to provide a flexible, comprehensive and customized set of full, lifecycle application development services. These processes are targeted at the migration or integration of "legacy" systems to new workflow enabled client/server and Internet/Intranet based solutions.

Data Warehousing
Omega Security International, LLC, provides services to develop and deploy Data Warehouses, including data conversion and population of the Data Warehouses. As a part of our Data Warehouse deployment services, Omega Security International, LLC, has the capability to assist you in the selection of hardware and software platforms for the data warehouses, and the data reporting and mining tools, which best meet your enterprise needs.

Information Systems Development and Security
Our Information Systems Development Strategy consists of a comprehensive suite of managed services designed to preserve the integrity of today's most important business assets, address the most important issues in a timely manner, leverage existing IT investment and tightly integrate with other managed service offerings.

Our management team and associates have extensive experience performing work for both private and government sectors. This experience enables Omega to thoroughly analyze the telecommunications and information technology requirements of our customers, and offer the most cost effective and efficient integrated solutions.

We deliver security at various levels: software, hardware, intrusion detection, and a wide range of professionally trained system analysis solutions within this challenging and critical area of required protection. We keep your data and processes safe and secure.