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Data Transformation and Storage Services
Database Engineering

Omega provides database engineering to efficiently access, share, manage and store customers’ data by design and development of large enterprise relational databases.

By leveraging our experience in database design and information accessibility, customers create flexible and scalable architectures in less time and with less risk. Our team helps streamline the tedious, time-consuming work required and ensures maximum database application performance. Omega database engineers provide experience with:
Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL
Database design, analysis, and implementation; database interface, troubleshooting
System-wide database replication strategy
Formulate and define the top-level architecture of the data
Develop data standards and formats
Data performance access and storage
Legacy data migration
Web enable legacy systems
Data modeling
Service Oriented Architecture
Database principles and concepts, software development techniques, and systems designs
Object Oriented Technologies, Java, and Web-based system
Demonstrated experience in designing, defining, and implementing system requirements for complex customer systems and preparing studies and analyzing existing systems
Database Administration

Database Administration functions are also accomplished by Omega. Maintenance, creation of tables and fields, and ensuring the integrity of the data are just a few of the responsibilities that will be accomplished. Omega also provides database migration support for customers who are upgrading existing databases to improve data access and performance capabilities. Omega has experience with:
Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Access relational database management
Installation, configuration, performance tuning
Developing and maintaining data dictionaries
Data filtering
Security procedures and standards
Designing and monitoring performance
Management of access and retrieval
Data modeling
Database deployment and maintenance
Data Warehousing

Large-scale data warehousing solutions are sometimes necessary to provide decision makers with the required data to make informed judgments and decisions. Omega provides consultants with this expertise to produce flexible and scalable solutions for immediate as well as future needs. Omega has a qualified staff of professionals who provide:
Requirements analysis, design and development for new systems
Integration of operational database systems through SOA architectures or ETL tools (Informatica, Noetix, and Metamatrix).
Support for "real", "virtual" or "point-to-point" data warehouses
Systems performance monitoring
Optimization of queries and creation of stored procedures
System security and user access
Experience with common and government metadata standards and ontologies
Design and development of dependent data marts
Data Migration and Transformation

In the Intelligence community, as well as other government agencies, information is a key asset. At Omega, our mission is to help our customers get the information intelligence they need to accomplish their goals. To this end, Omega provides a wide range of Data Transformation Services. Whether you need to transform your data in order to upgrade your database infrastructure, load data into a data warehouse, or create a federated database, our database engineers can help. Omega Database Engineers provide experience with:
Design, and development of data migration and ETL processes
Federated queries
Analysis of the full database infrastructure to create migration strategies and ensure data integrity
Risk mitigation plans
Integration of operational database systems through a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
ETL tools such as Informatica, Noetix, Metamatrix, and Microsoft Data Transformation Service (DTS)
Commercial and government metadata standards and ontologies

Storage Services

Omega, in conjunction with our Storage Solutions division, PTP, specializes in innovative ways to gather, store, retrieve, and manipulate massive quantities of data. We do this by providing experienced engineers to develop and implement high-performance systems designed to help clients address the challenges of moving, managing and processing large stores of data.

We specialize in enterprise-level applications with especially large storage requirements. A particular specialty is in the implementation of multi-terabyte, fault tolerant, fast sustained-access data farms using the latest RAID technology and Storage Area Networks (SANs) in cost-effective architectures. Other areas of expertise include:

SETA support of storage requirements definition, analysis, and evaluation
Analysis of data/storage access
Storage network topology
Technical refresh integration
Capacity and bandwidth optimization
Design, plan, implement, manage and maintain complex enterprise storage architectures, SANS, and NAS
Implement large scale heterogeneous storage architectures
Shared file systems
Systems Integration and testing

In addition, Omega supplies and install a large variety of storage components from a number of vendors and partners, including JBOD or RAID disk systems, automated robotic tape libraries, physical interconnects, and Fibre Channel or Ethernet networks.