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Life-Cycle Support Services
Technical Training

Omega trainers are experienced "techies" with good interpersonal skills. Our trainers provide customized course development and training documentation. We also provide classroom instruction and computer aided instruction (CAI) on a customer bases. Omega trainers provide everything from analyzing client needs, to scheduling and producing classes. Omega technical trainers provide
Design, development and production of training material
Classroom and hands-on instruction
Computer aided instruction (CAI)
Development of courseware
Custom on-site training
Technical Writing

Writing well is difficult and time-consuming, and writing in a technical way and about technical subjects compounds the difficulties. To be useful, information must be understood and acted upon. Fortunately, tools and techniques are available to make writing more accessible and easy to understand.

Omega provides well trained technical writers to create accurate and readable communications. We understand that effective communication requires excellent content, language, and layout. Omega technical writers provide:
Development of white papers and proposals
Development of component, API, and requirement specifications
Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and user manuals
Experience designing and modifying templates
Experience with various training tools
Excellent writing skills
Experience with various authoring tools such as FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, and RoboHelp
Configuration Management

Configuration management (CM) is a key component to today’s complex engineering tasks. A professional CM team, can help increase productivity, improve project quality, and secure assets.

The Omega team can provide superior configuration management support through a combination of people, tools, and process. Our experienced professionals can help create an infrastructure to manage versions and control access to documentation, hardware and software design, development, and deployment. Working closely with project leaders, our staff provides a wealth of solutions such as:
Provide version and release management
Automate repetitive processes and builds
Create auditing and accounting documentation
Establish asset and configuration libraries
Standardize and secure project files.
Conduct CM tools training (ClearCase, Sublime, CVS, Peregrine, TrueChange)
Develop CM Plan and process guidelines.
Convert projects from one CM tool to another
Independent Verification and Validation(IV&V)

Early and continued testing of software products saves time and money and increases software quality. Experienced professionals, such as those provided by Omega, have first rate experience with this fact.

Omega systems engineers can provide an impartial and authoritative evaluation of hardware and software products. Our engineers routinely employ rigorous methodologies to evaluate the correctness (validation) and quality (verification) of hardware and software products through out the development lifecycle. Our team assists with such aspects as:
Review of system requirements, design, code and tests
Plan appropriate system IV&V Tests and Evaluations (T&E) based on critical analysis
Identify risks and mitigation procedures through critical analysis and software metric tools
Support CMMI SE/SW and ISO 9001 organizations
Verify the code reflects the design and is correct
Verify that test cases trace to and cover software requirements and operational needs
Verify unit tests provide adequate coverage of logic paths, range of input conditions, error handling, etc.
Verify that regression tests are sufficient to identify adverse impacts of changes
Performance and scalability testing of distributed applications
Procurement and Acquisitions Services

Omega provides highly motivated technology procurement and acquisition specialists for the management of your procurement policies and procedures. Our specialists have a passion for the latest technology. We provide purchasing expertise of hardware and software technologies to help your organization fulfill its mandate. Our procurement and acquisition specialists help:

Plan, research and develop technology procurements.
Provide hardware and software evaluations with regards to cost, quality, and reliability.
Provide Supply Chain Management
Develop vendor relationships to foster customer service.
Serve as the vendor liaison to resolve issues
Track monthly expenditures against the technology budget
Prepare monthly purchasing status reports on planned to actual expenditures.
Verify deliveries and coordinate the deployment of acquired assets.
Insure all DOD acquisition standards and policies are met.
Negotiate prices and prepare bid packages.
Adhere to Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) standards
Assist with contract vehicles such as GSA, BPA, IDIQ, and BOA
Work with vendors to develop customer specific line cards